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Funded Projects

Amara Tabor Smith | Chapter 510 Ink Photo: Robbie Sweeny
Title Discipline Year
Ipat a Kadsakay
Eric Solano and World Arts West
Performing 2023
La Avenida Creative Crosswalk
Francisco Ramirez and The School of Arts and Culture at MHP
Visual 2023
Community Storytelling New Work
Yosimar Reyes and Teatro Visión de San José
LiterarySocial Practice 2023
Dear Future Community: Poems. Parks. Placemakers.
Kayatta Patton and Petaluma River Park Foundation
Performing 2023
The Enchanted Garden
Kija Lucas and Palo Alto Art Center Foundation
Visual 2023
In Their Footsteps: The Legacy of Issei Women and the Japanese YWCA
Melody Takata and Nihonmachi Little Friends
Social PracticeTraditional 2023
The Sacred Seder: An Artistic Fusion of Plate and Place,
Day Schildkret and Jewish Community Center of San Francisco
Social PracticeVisual 2023
Julián Delgado Lopera and Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Historical Society
LiterarySocial Practice 2023
Ahora, Nosotres
Marcel Pardo Ariza and Galería de la Raza
Visual 2023
“Every Second" Phase Two
Antwan Williams, R&R: Reflecting Reality and Releasing Restrictions, and Emerging Arts Professionals
MediaPerforming 2023
The Songs of the Diaspora
Genny Lim and Del Sol Performing Arts
Literary 2023
Doula Diaries: Witnesses to Birth
Jen Gilomen and Black Women Birthing Justice
Media 2023
jose e. abad and Authentic Arts and Media
Performing 2021
Domestic Light
Ian Winters and Leonardo/ISAST
MediaPerforming 2021
The Gumamela Project
Florante Aguilar and Cascada de Flores
Performing 2022