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Funded Projects

Amara Tabor Smith | Chapter 510 Ink Photo: Robbie Sweeny
Title Discipline Year
Johnny Lopez and SoulForce Dance Company
Performing 2020
Eugenie Chan and Musical Traditions
Performing 2020
Tania Leullieux and Presidio Theatre
PerformingTraditional 2020
Tomorrow's Memories
Matthew Welch and the San Francisco Girls Chorus
Performing 2020
Lost Traditions in California Dance Regalia
Edward Willie and the Museum of the American Indian
Traditional 2020
From Cuba to Guinea
Susana Arenas Pedroso and Duniya Dance and Drum Company
Traditional 2020
How We Look
Julie Wyman and Little People of America, Inc.
Media 2020
Mero Yatra, Mero Geet (My Journey, My Song)
Manose Singh and Asian Refugees United
Performing 2020
Time of Change
Joe Goode and San Francisco Architectural Heritage
Performing 2020
Corinne Takara and the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles
Visual 2020
The Lost Language of Plants
Suzanne Husky and Earth Activist Training
Visual 2019
The Legend of Zaouli
Fely Tchaco and Diamano Coura West African Dance
Traditional 2019
dawn_chorus iii
Sofia Cordova and Chinese Culture Foundation
Visual 2019
Dai Zoe Bush — The Breaking of the Poro & Sande Bush
Nimely Napla and Dimensions Dance Theater
Traditional 2019
Last Days at Pu’unene Mill
Joan Osato and Campo Santo
Visual 2019