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Funded Projects

Amara Tabor Smith | Chapter 510 Ink Photo: Robbie Sweeny
Title Discipline Year
Time of Change
Joe Goode and San Francisco Architectural Heritage
Performing 2020
Corinne Takara and the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles
Visual 2020
The Lost Language of Plants
Suzanne Husky and Earth Activist Training
Visual 2019
The Legend of Zaouli
Fely Tchaco and Diamano Coura West African Dance
Traditional 2019
dawn_chorus iii
Sofia Cordova and Chinese Culture Foundation
Visual 2019
Dai Zoe Bush — The Breaking of the Poro & Sande Bush
Nimely Napla and Dimensions Dance Theater
Traditional 2019
Last Days at Pu’unene Mill
Joan Osato and Campo Santo
Visual 2019
Safar - Journey
Ustad Farida Mahwash and Ballet Afsaneh Art & Culture Society
Traditional 2019
Service Works
Sharon Siskin and Providence House
Visual 2019
Sayaw sa Ilaw-Dancing in the Light
Sydney Loyola and Filipino American Development Foundation
Traditional 2019
I am Chinatown Salinas / Yo Soy Chinatown Salinas
Binh Danh and the Visual and Public Art Department, CSU, Monterey Bay
Visual 2019
Fierce as Death
Jewlia Eisenberg and The Contemporary Jewish Museum
Traditional 2019
Green Line to Freedom
Desi Mundo and Greenlining Institute
Visual 2019
Kongpo Losar Festival
Bhalu Bhaloo and Chaksampa
Traditional 2019
Stolen Belonging: A Collective Reclamation.
Leslie Dreyer and Coalition on Homelessness
Visual 2019