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Eric Solano and World Arts West

Choreographer Eric Solano and World Arts West are collaborating to create Ipat a Kadsakay, is a new ritual dance work inspired by the Sagayan Dance from the Maguindanaon Ipat ritual, performed by Parangal Dance Company.

Kayatta Patton and Petaluma River Park Foundation

Hip hop artist Kayatta Patton and Petaluma River Park Foundation will inspire and center the engagement of historically marginalized communities in the concept design for a new riverfront “central park” in Petaluma. Culminating in songs co-created by Patton and...

jose e. abad and Authentic Arts and Media

&theruptureisnow is a multimedia performance piece instigated by jose e. abad in co-authorship with Styles Alexander, Gabriele Christian, Clarissa Dyas, and Stephanie Hewett. The artists propose to hybridize improvisation, contemporary dance, electronic music,...
Ian Winters and Leonardo/ISAST

Ian Winters and Leonardo/ISAST

Leonardo/International Society for Arts Sciences and Technology, Inc. (Leonardo/ISAST) is dedicated to the exchange of ideas among practitioners in the arts, sciences, and technology. It will work with media and video artist Ian Winters and live media to create...