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On Saturday, April 20, from 10 a.m. to noon, Museum of the African Diaspora is hosting a screening and discussion of the film Green Streets: Turning Trash into Cash in an American Inner City as part of the museum’s Tell Me More series. The event producers write, “Three years ago, Tyrone Mullins and DeMario Lee rounded up a group of their peers and started a waste-management operation in their public housing community. Now, the enterprise, called Green Streets, employs a team of residents who recycle 150,000 gallons of waste that used to go to landfill every month. But in order to expand their services in multiple public housing communities, the workers must break a cycle of violence, incarceration, poverty, and drugs that has plagued San Francisco public housing residents for generations.” After the screening, Sophie Constantinou of Citizen Film, Tyrone Mullins of Green Streets (a project of Urban Strategies, Inc), and sociologist Dr. Sandra Susan Smith will gather feedback from the audience and discuss the remarkable story behind the film. The screening and discussion are free with museum admission.