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October 23 and 24, ODC Theater presents PASSAGE, in partnership with Kinetech Arts. The work offers an immersive experience of performances, soundscapes, and interactive installations. Kinetech writes, “In PASSAGE, we embrace the transience and uncertainties of each moment and the infinite future possibilities that are collapsed into memory as we pass through time.” This hybrid of live and virtual dance performances, created by artists from the Bay Area and beyond, will take place in ODC’s Studio B with a virtual extension to Chicago. San Francisco Bay Area audiences may experience the work live or digitally.

The Creative Work Fund is one of a number of supporters of PASSAGE, with the Fund’s supporting collaborative work among Weidong Yang, Daiane Lopes de Silva, Kinetech Arts, and Djerassi Resident Artists Program, where the artists have been collaborating. Among other distinctive programs, Djerassi Resident Artists Program brings together artists and scientists.

 Founded in 2013, Kinetech Arts combines the work of dancers, scientists, and digital artists to create innovative performances. Through exploring the intersection of movement, science and technology, KA illuminates new ways of creating, collaborating and engaging the audience in subjects that matter. Each year, KA produces multiple performances and over 50 other public events, including Open Labs, Y-Exchange public talks and Dance Hack Festivals.

Photo by Weidong Yang