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On Thursday, March 7, the California Historical Society brings poet and rancher Linda Hussa together with photographer and curator Lisa M. Hamilton, a Creative Work Fund visual arts grant recipient, for a literary reading and conversation. The event is produced as part of the exhibit “I See Beauty In This Life,” curated by Hamilton and currently on view at the Society. Linda Hussa is a writer and rancher of cattle and sheep in California’s far northeast corner, on the edge of the Black Rock Desert. She is the author of seven books of poetry and non-fiction, all of which explore the lives and work of residents of the rural West. Hussa will read her poetry and be joined in conversation by Hamilton, whose own work explores agriculture and rural communities. For her Creative Work Fund project, Hamilton collaborated with Roots of Change and the Bill Lane Center for the American West to introduce urban commuters to rural Californians through ad cards that were published on Bay Area Rapid Transit and a website. To attend the evening with Linda Hussa and Lisa M. Hamilton, RSVP at