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On Monday, June 15, Linda Norton is reading online with Fanny Howe and Alice Lyons. The reading originates in Dublin, Ireland, where it will be 8 pm, but those of us on the West Coast of the United States will be enjoying it at noon. The event is free, but guests should register in advance here.

Norton’s new book, WITE OUT: Love and Work, recently published by Hanging Loose Press, is drawing accolades, including this from poet Norman Fischer:

WITE OUT is a gorgeous book. Its spare, crystal-clear, non-confessional prose highlights feminine honesty rather than masculine concealment and makes you both sad and glad to be human. A memoir about a single working mother coping in a rough world she sees all too clearly, this is a courageous book about a courageous life; I couldn’t put it down.”

Some of the content in WITE OUT was developed during Linda Norton’s Creative Work Fund project with Friends of Peralta Hacienda Historical Park in Oakland.