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Creative Work Fund recipient Jay Van Arsdale (a master in Japanese joinery who collaborated with the Friends of the Japanese Garden at Lake Merritt) is among other leading experts in Japanese joinery and hand tool use who will be presenting workshops on October 31, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., at the Garden Center Building at Lakeside Park in Oakland. Kezurou-Kai USA, sponsor of the event, was formed recently by volunteers and last May received official support from the parent Japanese organization Kezurou-Kai. This is the USA group’s inaugural event.

James Wiester, an organizer of the event, describes its features: “Discussions and demonstrations of Japanese hand tool use and joinery layout techniques by local veterans followed by a hand planing competition open to all comers.

Those planning to attend–particularly if they plan to compete for Kezurou-Kai champion–should e-mail Karl Bareis.