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TIDES, a new video and photographic installation and accompanying performances by Ian Winters, explores the changing tidelands of the San Francisco Bay Area and neighborhoods soon likely to be lost under rising waters. The installation opens March 7 and is on view through March 28 at the SFArtsED Gallery at Minnesota Street Project. The March 7 opening features an artist’s talk (6 p.m.) and reception (4-8 p.m.).

On March 20 and 21 at 8 p.m., TIDES features a live video and contemporary music performance in the Minnesota Street Project Atrium, with new work by composers Brian Baumbusch and Wayne Vitale along with video by Winters. It will be performed by members of the Lightbulb Ensemble and guest players, who include McKenzie Camp, Jennifer Ellis, Otis Harriel, Matt Ingalls, and Margaret Halbing. Tickets are available.

The core of the TIDES project is a series of time-lapse films and still images created by more than 30 days of walking the Bay’s tidelands, through neighborhoods and land below five meters in elevation. The video bears witness to the scale of loss of bay tidelands and many human and natural communities.

Informing both the music and the visual material are compositional patterns drawn from scientific data about the Bay and its intersecting human-natural systems. Much of the TIDES data was created by a Creative Work Fund-supported collaboration with the citizen scientists of Wholly H2O, gathering species data about the Bay’s shoreline through BioBlitz events that were documented through the California Academy of Science’s iNaturalist app.