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CWF Proposal Documentation

E.G Crichton | GLBT Historical Society

Documentation is very important to the evaluation of proposals and should provide an accurate view of the range and quality of the collaborating artists’ work. Work samples demonstrating the artists’ abilities to collaborate are particularly helpful. Samples should reflect work completed within the last five years. They should not be “pitch” pieces for the proposal under review, but should illustrate the artist’s work.

Ten Minutes or Less

While your project may involve multiple collaborating artists and you will want to represent that range, you also will need to be selective. If you submit several samples from the list of possibilities, the total time required for review of those samples should be ten minutes or less.

Types of  Documentation Accepted

  • Web-based audio or video or audio CD, CD-R, or DVD of work completed within the last five years.
    For each online link, please indicate the portion of the linked material (if it is longer than 10 minutes) that you want the panel to hear or view. If you are submitting physical documentation, label those objects with the name of the applicant organization and artist and – if appropriate — the track number you would like the panel to hear or view.
    DVD submissions should include a simple, direct menu so the panel can navigate quickly to the work sample.
    Web-based audio and video should be in common formats (MP3, QuickTime, etc.) on reliable media servers (Sound Cloud, YouTube, Vimeo, etc.).
  • Up to 20 digital or slide format still images of work produced within the last five years.
    Digital images should be in JPEG format at a resolution no lower than 72 DPI and no higher than 300 DPI. Please give each JPEG a filename that includes the artist’s name and number from 1-20 in the order they are to be presented. A set of images may be assembled in a slide deck compatible with Microsoft Powerpoint. Images may be submitted on CD-R/DVD or accessed via the web with the URL you provide.
    Slides should be labeled with the name of artist, title of work, date of work, medium and dimensions. Mark the lower left corner of each slide with a red dot and number from 1-20 in the order they are to be presented. Submit slides in a clear, plastic slide sheet.
  • Up to 15 pages of a written manuscript in hard copy or PDF format.
    The format of prose manuscripts should be double-spaced, but poetry may be single-spaced. (Required of literary arts applicants)

Web Sites. If your work sample is a website, please include specific page URLs for panelist review, rather than referring to an entire website.



Upload documentation through the grantseeker portal. You will be prompted to provide explanatory notes per the bullets below. If you are submitting physical documentation, please prepare up to one page of notes per these bullets:


    Include the following information for each item:

    • Track Number or URL
    • Start and stop viewing points
    • Name(s) of principal artists (e.g. producers, directors, editors, composers, choreographers, playwrights)
    • Name(s) of companies or performers featured in the work (if appropriate)
    • Title of work
    • Length of original work from which excerpt is taken
    • Year work was created
    • Brief description of the segment presented, to ensure accuracy of the cue
    • [ OPTIONAL ] Brief commentary about how this work relates to the proposed project

    Still Images/Slides

    Include the following information:

    • Slide Number or URL
    • Artist Name
    • Title of work
    • Date of work
    • Medium of work
    • Dimensions of work
    • [ OPTIONAL ] Brief commentary about how this work relates to the proposed project


    Include the following information:

    • URL (if accessible via the Web)
    • Author Name
    • Title of Work
    • Date work was written
    • If an excerpt, length of complete manuscript
    • Brief description of where this excerpt fits into complete manuscript
    • [ OPTIONAL ] Brief commentary about how this work relates to the proposed project


    Please Note

    If you wish to submit or transmit your documentation in a form other than the choices listed, please contact the Creative Work Fund as soon as possible to see if the proposed form can be accommodated.