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Collaboration lies at the heart of the Creative Work Fund. In order to collaborate, we need to work closely together, right?

During the COVID-19 pandemic shelter-in-place mandates, Creative Work Fund grantees are collaborating through online media, podcasts, letters, and phone calls; and they are creating compelling evidence of their process along the way. Here, Lenora Lee Dance and Lee’s collaborators share excerpts of their work, And the Community Will Rise, being created with Chinatown Community Development Center. Lee has called out to residents of Chinatown’s Ping Yuen housing to share their stories, which will inform the finished work. This site-specific piece was slated for a September 2020 premiere, but now may be delayed for a year.

The Creative Work Fund invites other grantees who are “collaborating while sheltering” to email brief excerpts of their works-in-progress so we may share the spirit of collaboration even as we spend time apart.