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CWF artist, composer, and educator Cava Menzies has been collaborating with Community Music Center to create (Re)Imagining, an online and in-person project celebrating 100 years of music for everyone, half created by Menzies in collaboration with international and local musicians and 50 created by the CMC’s Young Musicians and Mission District Young Musicians Programs.

Running for 50 days from April 4 until May 23, videos will be shared daily in the gallery and to subscribers. Each video contains two musical works composed by Cava Menzies with local and international collaborators and students from the. The musical pieces from the young musicians explore three topic areas: cultural identity, critical community issues, and world music/culture with an emphasis on student-centered learning, inquiry, and self-expression.

Free tickets to the Friday May 14 in-person live event with select works are now available.