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From September 9, 2021 through January 23, 2022, the Museum of Craft and Design is hosting Mode Brut, featuring fashions developed through a collaboration between Lindsay Tully of the collective Bonanza with over 50 artists of Creativity Explored — an acclaimed workshop for artists with developmental disabilities. Mode Brut highlights the Creativity Explored artists’ practices in textile-based work while inviting collaborators (artists, designers, and brands) to produce and design alongside them. The Museum of Craft and Design exhibit was curated by Cléa Massiani and Ariel Zaccheo. The work also will be featured in a virtual fashion show on September 30.

Mode Brut challenges museumgoers to think past the familiar modes of apparel by redefining what, and who, is fashionable. It encourages viewers to consider the role fashion can play in responding to questions about accessibility, gender roles, and identity, through the lens of artists with developmental disabilities.

Museum visitors will encounter four collections of inspiring new fashions made by designer teams alongside local artists with developmental disabilities: Creativity Explored Studio Line, community art collective Bonanza (Lindsay Tully, Conrad Guevara, and Lana Williams), Queer advocate and model Yanni Brumfield, and San Francisco-based Haute Couture fashion brand Tokyo Gamine.

All visitors to the Museum must have tickets, even though those receiving free admission. They may be purchased in advance online or at the front desk.