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See the first preview of Joe Goode Performance Group’s (JGPG’s) newest work, Time of Change, created with co-directors Joe Goode/Joe Goode Performance Group; Melecio Estrella; and OYSTERKNIFE (Chibueze Crouch + Gabriel Christian); and in collaboration with San Francisco Heritage. This virtual showing will be shared via Zoom, with live and newly recorded videos from each of the artistic team.

Time of Change examines the utopian ideals and failures of the hippie era – as they relate to our current revolution. The project uplifts real peoples’ histories, examining the whiteness of the hippie movement and exploring what intersectional liberation means. JGPG is presenting this project with SF Heritage (in the historic Doolan-Larson Residence at the corner of Haight and Ashbury), to celebrate its 50th Anniversary (and JGPG’s 35th). The work is emerging through a collaborative process, with neighborhood meetings, co-creation, and community agency. Read more about Time of Change here.

Advance registration required. Tickets now available! Contact [email protected] for access support (cost or otherwise) to this event.

Pictured: the Doolan-Larson Residence and Storefronts