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Weidong Yang and Djerassi Resident Artists Program (Djerassi) are collaborating on Mapping the Neurons of Artificial Subconsciousness, a data-visualization project that explores patterns of artificial intelligence and social networking growth in society and their influence on human consciousness. The resulting work will incorporate public installations, multimedia performances, and an open, interactive, web-based virtual installation. It is being presented as a work-in-progress at ODC/Theater in October 2021.

Djerassi routinely brings artists and scientists together to live, work, and explore ideas in its retreat setting. In this project, Yang will conduct research, started during his 2016 residency at Djerassi, that compares the patterns discovered in artificial intelligence and social networking data with those observed in nature on Djerassi’s 583 aces of redwood forests, ocean vistas, and wild coastal grasslands.

In 2019 and 2020, Yang will be in residence at Djerassi, where he will work with choreographer/dancer Daiane Lopes da Silva and other artists. He and his collaborators will create new work to be shared at open house events at Djerassi and at other regional venues..

Lead artist Weidong Yang received his Ph.D. in physics and M.S. in computer and information science, and continued research on quantum dots at the University of California, Berkeley. In 2013, he founded Kinetech Arts, a nonprofit Dance and Science company that was named the Best Sci-Art Collective by SFWeekly in 2014. He later founded Kineviz, developing a new human data interface for data insights and analytics. He also has performed with professional dance companies.