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Foley artist Sudhu Tewari and choreographer Joe Goode are creating Hush, a new work on the theme of aging. The artists will explore how a combination of live and recorded foley effects can enhance the overall performance experience for both artists and audiences. The finished work should demonstrate an integration of sound emanating from the performers and within the story along with sound that is indigenous to the action on stage but not necessarily synchronized with that action. These effects are meant to illustrate the self-awareness among audience members that as one ages, one grows out of sync with the world’s view.

Lead artist Tewari describes himself as “an electronic composer, tinkerer, and improviser.” An early interest in disassembling alarm clocks and coffee makers gave rise to electro-acoustic instruments constructed with the remains of discarded stereo equipment, kinetic sculptures, and sound installations. Tewari works professionally as an audio engineer, sound designer, and foley artist and teacher.

In 1979, Goode began synthesizing a genre of dance theater that combined text, gestures, and humor with deeply physical, high-velocity dancing. Joe Goode Performance Group has performed annually in the Bay Area and toured extensively throughout the United States and overseas.