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In collaboration with public radio station KALW, sound artist Julie Caine created Audiograph,a crowd-sourced project to document and map the sonic signature of the Bay Area. The project asked KALW listeners to actively contribute distinctive sound sources or suggest ideas.  The project developed into several forms. There are two half-hour radio specials, a dedicated website at, an ongoing public engagement game using sound to involve KALW listeners in creating a collaborative sonic treasure hunt, and a cultural map of the Bay Area. Audiograph also developed into a training tool in KALW’s Audio Academy as well as being part of several live events.

Julie Caine is an award-winning radio producer, documentary filmmaker, photographer, and writer. All of her work focuses primarily on story and sound—the emotions and memories and sense of place evoked by what we hear and what we say. KALW is the oldest public radio station west of the Mississippi and reaches over 150,000 listeners all across the nine Bay Area counties.