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Filipino folklorico choreographer Jay Loyola, collaborating with Parangal Dance Company and KulArts, Inc., developed Palau’an Bird Call Huni ng Tandikan, an original dance work based on an epic Filipino tale that highlights indigenous healing traditions. Featuring traditional Pilipino dance methods and mythology, the piece was performed by Parangal Dance Company and others, with a musical score by Nick Obando, light design by Alejandro Acosta, and costume design by Maria Manuel and June Arellano.

Born and raised in the Philippines, Jay Loyola is an adopted son of the Tagbanua tribe in Napsan, Palawan. He has been a resident of San Francisco since 2006. Loyola has extensively researched and documented the rituals and dances of the tribal people of Palawan. The collaborative development process for Palau’an Bird Call included an eight-week advanced workshop, led by Loyola, in the cultural dances of the Tagbanua people.

Collaborating organization, Kularts, works to expand understanding of American Pilipino culture through performances that address contemporary issues in the community, to preserve the spirit and integrity of ancient Pilipino art forms, and to nurture the artistic development of Pilipino artists. Since its inception, it has presented more than 2,000 Pilipino artists. Also participating was the American Center of Philippine Arts.