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Documentary filmmaker Jane Greenberg is collaborating with Ella Baker Center for Human Rights (Ella Baker Center) to co-create a 15-20 minute video profiling five women who have each lost a loved one to state violence, ranging from a son who died during incarceration to a grandchild shot by police.

The Ella Baker Center recently launched the pilot program Healing Through Action, a social justice initiative that combines community-based approaches to healing from state sanctioned violence combined with political education to empower impacted family members. The five women participating in the Healing Through Action pilot program will be featured in Say Their Names Too!, working alongside Greenberg to tell their stories.

Oakland-based independent filmmaker Jane Greenberg has been working in key roles on documentary films for 20 years. Her soon-to-be-completed film, THE SURRENDER OF WAYMOND HALL, personalizes a criminal justice story and marks her transition to directing feature-length documentaries.

Ella Baker Center for Human Rights advances racial, gender, and economic justice to ensure dignity and opportunity for low-income people and people of color. For years it has advanced an innovative social change model that is based on “narrative change,” transforming the stories that dominate the public conversation about crime and punishment. The proposed film will advance those narrative change efforts.

Photo by Leyna Dicruttalo