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Lead artist Favianna Rodriguez is collaborating with Mobilize the Immigrant Vote to create Until We Are All Free, a visual arts project that will connect artists and movement organizers to explore and amplify how mass incarceration intersects with immigrant detention and deportation. The project will draw attention to the fastest-growing portion of the U.S. prison population — immigrants. It features three components: creation of two or three large visual art pieces for display on public transit; an art-based toolkit based on lessons learned from the partnership; and three workshops in Alameda, San Francisco, or Santa Clara counties to engage immigrant and refugee rights groups in art-based projects so they can share their stories and develop compelling visual content about their issues.

Mobilize the Immigrant Vote is a 12-member, multiracial alliance working to build the voting power of low-income immigrants and refugee New Americans of color across California. It works with communities in their native languages and cultural contexts to reveal shared values and then uses art to insert those values and stories into equity campaigns.

Favianna Rodriguez is a visual artist, activist, and cultural organizer who has worked for more than a decade with immigrant rights organizations and social justice efforts to create art that can uplift and challenge cultural prejudices and biases. This project will culminate in December 2017.