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CWF Required Parts of a Proposal

Nimely Napla | Diamano Coura West African Dance | Photo: RJ Muna

Required proposal parts

  • Project Details
    You already have provided a brief description of your project and a few key facts about your collaborating artist and organization. Please add project start and end dates, and information about how and where the work will be presented.
  • Proposal Narrative
    Describe the project, why the partners want to work together, and who will create and manage the project through the collaboration.
  • Artist’s Statement
    Here lead artists may tell the Fund about how they approach the project and what it would mean to them to undertake it. If someone other than the artist writes this section, please represent the artist’s voice as clearly and authentically as possible. Do not repeat this text in the proposal narrative.
  • Budget
    Using the template provided, estimate the income and costs for this project, including how a Creative Work Fund grant would be spent if it were awarded. The instructions ask you to separate the part of the budget that would be paid to artists or cover their direct expenses from the part that will cover the organization’s costs for collaborating with the artist.
  • Lead Artist Resume (if not already provided with Letter of Inquiry)
    This need not be a formal resume, but a brief description of the artist’s previous works and accomplishments. Resumes help the panel understand how the proposed project relates to what the artists have done in the past. Resumes may not be longer than two pages and should not include links to online work samples.
    Please note that if you want to update the resume you submitted with your letter, the application system will not permit you to remove the earlier version. Contact the Creative Work Fund staff by phone or e-mail and we will be glad to delete the previously submitted resume for you.
  • Documentation
    The grants review panel will care deeply about the quality of the artists’ work, so this part of your proposal is particularly important. Proving explanatory notes per the instructions tells the panel what it is looking at, hearing, or reading.
    Read this page to learn everything about documentation.
  • The Required Attachments
    The board list, organization budget, and organization financial statement let the Fund know that the agency is qualified to receive a grant and stable enough to manage the money if a grant were awarded.
    If an organization is using a fiscal sponsor, all of these items should come from that fiscal sponsor.