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CWF Lead Artist Statement

Clement Goldberg | CounterPulse


Please limit the Lead Artist’s Statement to two pages of Times Roman 12pt type on 1″ margins. If your project involves multiple artists, you may submit a single representative statement by the lead artist or a joint statement by several artists, but you should adhere to the specified length.

If the Lead Artist does not write in English, an interpreter may complete this part of the application by interviewing him, her, or them. We ask that you let the Fund know if you have used this option.

Please do not include imagery or web links in the Lead Artist’s Statement.


What to Include in the Lead Artist’s Statement

Please address the following questions in your artist statement:

  • What is your artistic vision for this project?
  • Why do you wish to undertake this project at this time and with this collaborator?
  • Do you have prior experience with collaboration or with the issues or forms of inquiry to be addressed by the proposed work?
  • Does the project provide an opportunity for you to learn or to try something new? OR if you self-identify as a traditional artist: Does the project provide an opportunity for you to deepen your exploration of traditional forms or to try something new?